Windstorm Insurance: How Relevant is Windstorm Insurance?

Should you buy a windstorm insurance policy or not?

Before you make up your mind, it is crucial to understand what a windstorm insurance policy is.

So what exactly is windstorm insurance?

It is a unique kind of property-casualty policy that covers policyholders from liabilities such as property damage as a result of windstorms.  

Windstorm insurance is typically rendered as a type of a rider on a normal casualty insurance policy via the extended coverage authorization. Windstorm insurance is one of the subgroup of a storm insurance.

Windstorm Insurance: How It Works

Generally, windstorm insurance policy protects against the kind of windstorms like cyclones and hurricanes that are not often protected by a standard homeowner insurance coverage.

People who reside in areas that are exposed to this type of risk are expected to buy this sort of additional protection for optimum coverage.

Those who live in coastal states and Midwestern states, places where tornadoes are rampant are strongly advised to buy windstorm insurance.

Usually, windstorm insurance cover physical damages to a home as well as personal items inside the building. Several policies also add protection for detached structures like sheds and garages.

When a strong wind damage some home features such as roofs and window the can it can allow rain and debris to get in and cause more severe damage.

During such situations, man policies will protect against repairs if the claim is filed early enough after it occurred.   

In some cases, storm surges and flooding ensue after a windstorm. However, windstorm insurance doesn’t usually protect against damages that are caused because of such escalating waters.

As such, homeowners are advised to buy a flood insurance policy separately. If you do, bear in mind that it will require 30 days to be activated.

Furthermore, windstorm insurance doesn’t offer protection against damages to an automobile caused by a tree that falls on it.

Also the policy doesn’t offer coverage if the automobile is damaged as a result of blowing debris. If you intend to protect your automobile against this sort of damages, then you’ll have to buy a comprehensive auto policy.

When To File A Claim For This Insurance

For you to file for a windstorm insurance claim, you’re required to take some precise actions in order to obtain the benefits of your policy. The most noteworthy step to take is for you to act very fast.

Man windstorm insurance policy have a deadline for filing a storm damage claim. This is usually die to the fact that delay in repairing damages can cause further damage.

So if you have this insurance policy, here are things you should do immediately after a storm:

  • Write down the storm date and if possible collect news articles about the event as evidence.
  • Examine and take note of all damages that you can observe. Take pictures and videos too.
  • Reach out to at least two professional contractors asking them to inspect the damages and give you an estimate for the damages.
  • Call our insurance service provider’s claims department and then hand over copies of all the proofs you have collected. Ask your insurance carrier to send a claims adjuster to see your property.
  • Request for the presence of one of the contractors who assessed the property earlier so he can verify if the claims adjuster’s assessment is fair enough.
  • If the adjuster turned down your claims for whatever reason, don’t forget that as a policyholder you have the right to request for up to three different claims adjusters. As such, don’t hesitate to request for the visit of another claim adjuster.
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