Mo Group Music Announces The Release of It’s Debut Movie – Black Rose!

Mo Group Music and Films has announced the release of its debut movie titled Black Rose.

Black Rose features Nigeria’s fast rising music celebrity Mag Alison, and other leading Nollywood actors including Saidi Balogun, Yemi Solade, Adeniyi Johnson, Adedoyin Kukoyi, Yinka Smart, and Damilola Adegboro among several other leading actors.

Shot in the heart of Lagos, Black Rose is an intriguing story that reflects the twists, challenges and tough decisions many celebrities and business moguls in the entertainment industry are dealing with.

Directed by Babatunde Oyeniya (T Babs), Black Rose is a bilingual (combination of English and Yoruba language) movie which reflects the regular Lagos lifestyle where both languages are widely spoken.

Produced by Adu Kolapo D’Son ( the director of EXL Films), Black Rose also depicts events that unravel the twists between love fame, fortune, success, music and the attempt of a music celebrity (Mag) to scale through.

Did he survived or was he eventually caught up in the web of several twists?  You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.  

Ademola Adetunji is the Executive Producer of Black Rose. The movie was packaged by Mo Group Music and Films.  

Mo Group Music and Films in Lagos Nigeria are dedicated to raising music and movie talents by providing a common platform for such talents to polish their acts and to achieve their dreams.

Black Rose Movie, Lagos, Nigeria

The movie Black Rose is the label’s first effort in the Nigerian movie industry. According to the movie producer Adu Kolapo D’Son, the movie is just a tip of the iceberg compared to what the label has in stock.

“We are working around the clock to produce top-quality movie and music content that will not only reinforce the talents and skills we have in Nollywood and Nigeria, but to also project Nigerian talents to the entire world by competing creatively with other movie and music industries worldwide,” he said.    

When asked if Mo Group Music and Films are willing to work with other local or international labels, movie studios, artistes and brands, D’Son replied:

“Mo Group Music and Films are open to partnerships. We are willing to work with local and international music labels, artistes, movie studios, and even brands to promote both Nigerian and international talents at home and in diaspora.”

“Our core objective is to provide a platform for as many people as possible to achieve their dreams in the music and movie industries,” he said.

Mo Group Music and Films currently has two artistes signed on its record label; Mag Alison and White. The music label is still hunting for more talents to add to their team.  

According to the CEO of Mo Group Music and Films, Ademola Adetunji based in Germany, the rationale behind the company is to help Nigerian music and movie talents all over the country and in diaspora achieve their dreams of becoming a top-rated celebrity.

“I created Mo Group to bridge the gap between rising talents and stardom. I realized a lot of Nigerians are extremely talented in music and in acting. These youths are very hardworking and they go the extra mile to polish their talents. But achieving their dreams is always a tough challenge.”

“So, I created Mo Group Music and Films to encourage the Nigerian youths to use their talents positively just like every other youth in other parts of the world. And together, we can help them to achieve their dreams and build a vibrant career they will be proud of for the rest of their lives.”

Its rare to hear about a music label producing or releasing movies as a part of an integrated efforts to promote their artistes in Nigeria. Adetunji’s effort seems to be a game-changer in the entire Nigerian entertainment industry.

“I’m excited that we have successfully shot our first movie Black Rose, which featured one of our leading artistes Mag Alison. We have a lot of good content up our sleeves and we will be rolling them out one after the other as time goes by,” Adetunji said.

“We are excited to work with Nigerian music and movie stars as we work together to promote Nigerian talents and youths at home and abroad,” he concluded.  

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