How To Write Email Marketing Copies That Convert

Writing email marketing copies that convert is not rocket science!

You can boost the conversion rates of your email marketing copies; generate more leads and even close sales if you know exactly how to create content that appeals to your audience.

Crating content that converts require strategic skills that are easy to learn and adopt. Thankfully, you can read about these strategic skills here and start using them right away!!

Effective Tips for Writing Email Marketing Copies That Convert

Here is exactly what you need to do to elicit the precise response you want from your email recipients:

1. Identify Your Audience

Don’t leave your email marketing efforts to chance. If you don’t know exactly who your audience is, more than 70 percent of all your email marketing efforts are already wasted.

Once you know exactly who your audience is, it will be absolutely easy to tailor your content into their needs or wants using whatever appeals to them.  

Do not write email marketing copies based on assumptions about your target audience. Rather, take advantage of what you know from social analytics, interactions and feedbacks with clients or customers and specific information on the web to build your buyer personas.

Once you define who your target audience is, you can use information you have learned about them to write compelling email marketing copies that convert.

After identifying who your target audience is, the next phase is the writing process.

2. Write an “Irresistible” Subject Line

Your subject line is what your recipients see even before opening your email. It is the reason why your email is either opened, deleted or marked as spam. In fact, your subject line can make or mar your entire email marketing efforts.

Recipients only open emails if they believe or even assume it contains benefits or if they are cautious about missing out on important information or if you give them a convincing evidence why they should.  

While all these may seem like too much to roll into a subject line of only few words – it is absolutely possible.

I found a blog post written by Mary Fernandez about how to write different types of subject lines. You can read it here – it will be worth your time.  

3. Write a “Killer” Preview Text

Next to the subject line, your preview text can be all the difference between why a recipient opens your email or not. The preview text is actually the short piece of content that reveals more about the content of your email to subscribers.

The preview text usually reveals part of the first line of the email message. You can convince your recipients to open your email if you nail your preview texts appropriately.   

Nonetheless, if your preview texts only reveal instructions about how recipients can read the email online or dead links to your social media profiles, it means you’ve wasted a golden opportunity to enhance your conversion rates.

The email preview text often contains 35 to 140 characters that you neither allow to slip away or leave to chance.

4. Align Every Aspect Of Your Copy

Email marketing copies that convert easily often have all their structures aligned.

Such copies deliver on whatever promise is mentioned in the subject line, the email also delivers on the promise of their opt in forms as well as the landing page where subscribers signed up.

For instance, if you’re promise a smartphone, you should have a picture of the smartphone on the opt in form and the landing page.

When recipients get their confirmation emails, the picture of the smartphone as well as its image should be there too. The copy of the emails should match too.

This boost readers’ confidence as they have the assurance that they will end up with what they signed up for. It’s also an effective method of building trust and relationship.

5. Structure Your Content For The Web

Crafting email marketing copies is similar to creating web content. This means the structure of both content are similar. Here’s simple guideline for your email marketing copies:

  1. Stick to a logical structure
  2. Avoid long paragraphs
  3. Focus on one key idea per paragraph  
  4. Use subheads and bullets to make your content scannable

Overall, keep your message short, simple and straight to the point.

6. Avoid “Screaming” – It Creates Wrong Impression

People are always on the lookout for spammy emails on their inboxes. One easy way to identify spammy emails is that they are always shouting or screaming for attention.

Subject lines and texts with all caps, and multiple exclamation marks, etc. are considered spammy because they seem to be shouting or screaming in recipients’ inboxes.   

It’s easy for such emails to be marked as spams which will severely hurt your open rate.

Worsts still, if a significant number of people report you, it could affect your email deliverability or you may end up being blacklisted by your email newsletter service.

7. Write Email Marketing Copies For Readers  

Do everything possible to avoid sounding like a robot. Do away with marketing speak or industry jargons except you’re writing to people who use such jargons every other day.

Rather, be conversational. Write as if you’re having a conversation with a friend sitting next to you.  Remember, we all hate a boring conversation, so don’t be dry.

email marketing

Don’t be afraid to trigger your readers’ imagination by sharing valuable insider’s view of your firm, customers’ success stories or even a personal tale that is related to your product or brand.

Once your subscribers can connect with you, building a relationship with them becomes absolutely easy.  

8. Choose Your Words Carefully

Words carry weight. This is why word choice is absolutely crucial in crafting compelling emails that convert. The words you choose can either make reading your email a great experience or a complete turn off.

If you’re interested in awakening readers imagination, entice their emotions and inspire them to take a precise action, then you have to:

  • Sprinkle sensory words all over your email marketing copy to help readers see the crystal clear picture you’re painting. You should consider evoking touch and taste too.
  • Use power words in your subject line to depict action and call-to-action (CTA).
  • Use literary techniques and analogies

Avoid making false promises and using tricky marketing tactics to deceive email subscribers. If you do so, you may risk losing your email recipients forever.

9. Think and write like a psychologist

Human brains are designed to respond to certain spurs in certain ways – and some of these responses are very predictable. This is why thinking like a psychologist can help you write more compelling email marketing copies that convert.

Here are some of the key factors that motivate email recipients to open emails, read them and take a specific action based on what they read:  

  • The fear of missing out (FOMO) on anything tangible – humans are naturally wired not to lose tangible things. This is one of the reasons why time-limited discounts are very effective. As such, use some elements of scarcity, curiosity, and urgency in your emails to boost conversion rates.
  • Colors – learn how to use colors effectively in CTA buttons. This is crucial because various colors elicit different emotions.
  • Social proof – the number of your social media followers and shares is an indication that people see your content as great and entice many more people to connect to your content and brand.
  • Personalize your emails.

10. Be Specific and Relevant

Don’t fall for the temptation of generic marketing. Rather, focus on targeted marketing. Building personals gives you a broad market segment to focus on in writing email marketing copies.

However, within those broad segments, you can create smaller segments.

For instance, you wouldn’t have to bother about sending the same emails you send to a new subscriber to a repeat customer.

Sending a more specific and relevant email to recipients enhances open and click through rates – one of the reasons why segmentation is absolutely crucial.

 11. Identify your goal

Each email marketing copy should be written with a specific goal in mind. However, if you have a multiple goal, it probably means you don’t have a goal.

So rather than creating several different emails channel your efforts into the precise action you want readers to take and then build your email content around that.

It is not necessary for every email to have “something for sell.” Some emails should be for building relationships that can lead to something bigger than just a one-time purchase.

However, if you truly have a goal, keep it short, simple and straight to the point. Also, don’t forget to make it interesting.

 12. Personalize Your Emails

It is no longer news that mentioning subscribers’ names in subject lines and email marketing copies arouse their attention. Good news is you can even take personalization a step further.

We mentioned segmentation earlier. Segmentation also determines how well you personalize your emails because each segment is interested in something different in your content.

You can segment your emails based on gender, age, location, income, interest, etc. of your audience and send them relevant emails accordingly.

 13. Don’t Shy Away From Your Readers   

One of the key aspects of personalization is letting your email recipients and subscribers know who you are. Many people are interested in getting emails from people they know or people that they can at least see their picture.

This is one of the reasons why people prefer a personal sender to a generic one. Once subscribers realize that you’re not hiding your identity or your face, it will be easier for them to connect with you and trust whatever message you have for them.

That’s a very effective step in enhancing your conversion rates.

14. Compensate your readers

One of the best practices of successful email marketing efforts is compensating email recipients for opening emails.

This compensation actually start from the point where they open your email and read exactly what they expect after reading the content in your opt in form, subject line or landing page.

To make your copy more effective, it has to reflect both the benefits and the proof of such benefits to the readers.

In some cases, emails can include some key stats or even link to a study to proof to readers that they were right to subscribe and open the email. That’s one more reason for them to remain on your list.

In addition, you can offer readers whatever free gift you have to thank them for subscribing.  

 15. Never forget your call to action

Your call-to-action is one of the most significant aspects of your email marketing campaign. Your CTA is what actually gets recipients to take the precise action you want – to convert.

All the tips mentioned above should gear towards creating a killer call to action to convert readers.

16. Test, assess, and re-test your email marketing efforts

You need data if you really want to enhance your email marketing conversion rate. Just before you start sending emails, review your subject lines for effectiveness. A weak subject line can ruin your entire email marketing efforts.

Furthermore, request for data about your email marketing performance from your email marketing service provider.

This will help you understand why some of your emails are working and why others are trailing. You can use whatever information you collect to improve performance.

Once you’re done with the aforementioned assessment, rewrite your email copies and then retest again. Retest your opt in or sign up forms, test your CTAs, headlines, subject lines etc. until you end up with your best performing email.    

 17. Learn from your competitors

One of the best methods of enhancing your email marketing conversion rates is to subscribe to your competitors email marketing newsletters. You can as well subscribe to any other top-notch digital marketing platform’s newsletter that spikes your interest.

Doing so is a perfect chance for you to figure out if they are up to something unique or special that you’re yet to try.

Add whatever you learn to your own personal strategy or swipe file and tailor them to align with your own email marketing strategy.

You can also take a cue from sites like Reddit and Quora to read trending discussions about your industry or niche and then tailor your email content to match what people expect.

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