Alternative To Student Loans: Free College Tuition Countries In Europe

Knowledge is expensive and education is not cheap – depending on who you are and where you’re from, this statement might be true or false.

Student loan is now a huge problem to many young people in countries where education is so expensive that you may need a loan if you want to go to college.

For instance, the high costs of higher education in the United States has left many college-bound students wondering if going to college is worth the debt and stress.

Although, having a college degree still attracts many different perks, many families and even students too are considering other options to cut costs on college tuition expenses.

Many families are now looking abroad for top-quality alternatives.

Thankfully, several different countries, especially in Europe now offers free tuition to international students who intend to study programs solely in English.

Many of the colleges and universities in Europe offers similar programs of study like colleges and universities in the United States. 

They offer programs in research, sciences, business, accounting, media studies, marketing, languages, and many others.

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Alternative To Student Loans: European Countries With Free College Tuition

Here are six European countries where you can get top-quality education without bothering about student loans:


If you’re interested in a research-based doctoral degree, Sweden is willing to offer you a free tuition program. To make studying easier for you as an international students, some of their programs of study will compensate you with stipends.

However, the country has a high cost of living which may squeeze your budget even if you’re not required to make any payment to earn a degree in the country.

But if you prefer this to incurring a huge student loan that will give you sleepless nights in the near future then you shouldn’t hesitate to go online to find a suitable school in Sweden. This is a good alternative to student loans.


France is one of the countries that provides a top-quality alternative to student loans.

France is a French-speaking country and in the past, only students who can speak French are allowed to study in the country. However, things are very different now.

There are private and public universities who offer various programs of study in the English Language.

Some of the students who are enrolled in some public universities only pay a few hundred dollars annually. This payment is often based on the student’s program of study and degree level.

The country has successfully changed its free tuition methods. As a result, some EU students are allowed to pay their tuition depending on the income of their family.

This new method might be used to determine the amount of money international students are required to pay in order to attend a university in the country.


In the past, international students as well as citizens are not required to pay any tuition fee at universities that are run by state.

Nonetheless, right from 2017, international students who are interested in earning degrees in English are required to pay just about $1,700 or even more annually. The payment is based on the student’s degree level and program of study.  

Tuition is still absolutely free for doctoral students and others who are interested in earning a degree in Finnish or Swedish languages.

The country’s government also intend to offer scholarships and financial assistance to international students with outstanding academic backgrounds.  Finland’s alternative to student loans is also a great option.


Slovenia is currently on of the most preferred countries for students who are interested in earning their degrees abroad.

What makes Slovenia such an attractive choice? The country boasts of great cultures, and its nearness to tourist destinations in Croatia and Italy makes the country really appealing to many foreign students.

Universities in Slovenia offer several different programs of study in English. As a student, you may decide to learn their language only to communicate with citizens. Slovenia’s alternative to student loans is worth giving a try.


Public universities in Norway offers free tuition to international students. This gives interested students across the world the golden chance to earn degrees at some of the leading universities across the world.

This includes schools such as the University of Oslo, University of Bergen, as well as the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

But Norway’s harsh winters, and the country’s extremely high cost of living (currently rated as one of the highest in the world) makes Norway a tough destination for many students.


Many universities in Germany offers several different programs of study absolutely in English language and all the students who attends do so for free.

The best part? Germany currently needs skilled workers which makes it a great opportunity for American students. So international students can earn a university degree in Germany without learning a word in German.   

The country boasts of some of the most highly rated universities across the world like the University of Munich and the University of Bonn. Germany offers the opportunity to earn a world-class degree for free.

Away From Europe

While Europe is still the most preferred destination for many international students across the world, other places such as Brazil and Mexico also boasts of schools with virtually no tuition fees.

For instance, in Brazil and Mexico, some schools only require students to pay registration fees.

Some of such schools offer highly rated programs of study in English language and international students also gets the chance to learn other languages like Portuguese and Spanish.

One other country that is often overlooked in China. International students are only required to pay approximately $3000 a year to attend university in China.

But if you’re interested in pursuing a program of study in the Chinese language, you’ll get an extremely cheaper tuition fee.  

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