About Us

Rexonate is a user-friendly digital portal. It was created to provide up-to-date content about different facets of the personal finance niche.

We also write about the entire finance industry, as well as how they fit into the common needs and lifestyle of individuals and society as a whole. 

Rexonate: What We Do!

Specifically, The Rexonate provides regular content about Mortgage (and other related aspects of the real estate industry), Loans, Insurance, and Credit.

At the Rexonate, we strongly believe that the public has the supreme right to be informed via any legitimate means possible.

As such, we strive to educate and inform our audience about several different facets of societal occurrence in the finance industry to help them make logical and informed decisions whenever necessary.

So we strive to create and publish top-quality content at all times to help all our audience stay in the loop of trends in all of the niches and industries we focus on.

We verify all our content and fact-check them accordingly. We do this with the help of our editors who are also top-quality content creators.

The Rexonate’s target audience cuts across physical geographical boundaries and  regions.

At Rexonate, we do not limit our target audience to a specific culture, language or country. Rather, we strive to create valuable content that people can benefit from regardless of their physical location. 

We understand that the internet is a vast ocean of information. Yet we do all we can to provide information for our audience. Also, we give them a chance to have a say and to air their views via our feedback system.  

Rexonate was founded by Williams Oleije, a Digital Marketing expert who strongly believes that the internet is rapidly changing the entire world for good by providing billions of valuable data every day. 

We welcome and appreciate feedback, constructive criticism, suggestions and creative ideas etc. from our readers and audience and you can contact us directly via the Contact us Page, or via:

email: williams@rexonate.com


Mobile Phone: 2348060897941

At Rexonate, we respond to all messages and phone calls as required and we sincerely look forward to hear from you.