A Few Key Things I Have Learned About Insurance

If you’re a very caring individual like the most people or like a few people – whatever the case may be, odds are you may never consider buying any type of insurance.

For instance, if you’re a good car driver and you take very good care of your car, chances are you might be tempted to skip buying a car insurance.

This is mostly true if you have been driving for many years and never had any accident. You may conclude that buying a car insurance policy is a waste of money – or its only good or people with fast cars and those who are always in a hurry.

While this may seem like the truth to some extent, it is not a fact.

Car Accident Scenario

Mr. Rosenberg drives a regular car and he is always very careful about his driving even when he’s not on a major highway.

He checks every aspects of his car; break oil, engine oil, gear oil, and the steering oil every now and then before driving just to make sure everything is in shape.

And then he drives smoothly without exceeding the speed limit of any area is driving across.

Mrs. Atkinson is a better driver than Mr. Rosenberg. But she got a call that her kid was involved in a fight at school and was badly injured. So she jumped inside her car and sped off to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Mr. Rosenberg was on his way to work and he was late for a meeting. So he stepped on the gas pedal harder so he wouldn’t miss his big client. Atkinson and Rosenberg collided at an intersection because the both of them were over speeding.

Problem was, Mrs. Atkinson had no insurance just like Mr. Rosenberg and now it’s hard to tell who is at fault because the both of them were over speeding.

Both of them learned about auto-insurance the hard way! You wouldn’t want to be caught up in this sort of scenario.

Residential Fire Scenario  

Little Jimmy is excited about Uncle Sam’s birthday. He knew there’ll be lots of candies to go round and he’ll get the chance to eat as many chickens as he can.

So while everyone was celebrating and dancing, Jimmy has a mouthful of candies. But he’s yet to have any chicken. He heads to the kitchen and for whatever reason he decided to try the gas.

He ended up setting the kitchen on fire and within a few minutes the fire has spread to other parts of the house.

What was one big party now seem like one big inferno. By the time the fire service arrived and put out the fire…so many of Uncle Sam’s belongings were already up in flames.

The bad news is Uncle Sam had no fire insurance policy and had no property insurance policy. His birthday party turned from celebration to disaster in just a few seconds.

Uncle Sam learned about the benefits of property insurance and fire insurance the hard way.

There are tons of example about how people had to learn about various types of insurance the hard way. But you shouldn’t wait until a disaster happens before buying insurance.

What’s The Essence Of Buying Insurance?

There are several different key benefits of buying an insurance policy. While it may seem unnecessary at the time of buying, it often pays off in the long run.

An insurance policy can help you pay for loses so you can maintain a healthy cash flow in the event that the unexpected happens.

If you have an insurance policy you wouldn’t have to bother about setting aside a huge sum of money that you can spend in the event of a sudden disaster.

Once you have insurance, you can sit back, relax and invest your money on other profitable things.

If you’re interested in learning the benefits of several different types of insurance policies before buying, I have compiled some articles to help you put the right foot forward.

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All these types of insurance and several others can make a huge difference in almost everything you do and own in the event that an unexpected occurrence happens that can leave you in debt.


Never wait until a disaster occurs before considering insurance. Whatever belonging is valuable to you now or will be of value in the future deserves some insurance.

It is cheaper to buy insurance now, rather than spend a huge sum to buy new items or pay for debts and damages.

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